Connect Within. Clear Old Patterns. Align to the Highest Potential.

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My name is Sollena Morginn, and I’m here as your Intuitive Guide to support You to express your true divine purpose, activate intuition, and unleash your creative potential. Together we will clear the limitations and align your body, mind, and heart to the divine blueprint of pure potential. 

I believe your Soul’s Purpose is why you’re here on this earth at this time. W​hat you’re looking for or seeking is aligned to your Soul's expression. It is an aspect of you in unity with spirit that inspires you to move forward with purpose.

When in daily communion with your Soul you’re content and at peace with life. When inspired there is a feeling of love, joy, and peace that fills the heart. 



 Somatic Bodywork Balancing

Bodywork with a somatic approach draws upon the ancient tools of contracting and expanding with the intention to reactivate self-healing. I  use light contact and breath meditation to invite you to connect to the inner soul self. With intentional touch and inquiry we tune into any armored patterns that are present, and release them. Ancient tools of transformation are used throughout the session, along with Harmonic Sound Healing and Polarity Therapy along with specific crystals to ignite transformation. Most clients reveal feeling a deep, peaceful, calm an incredible lightness of being.   


Divine Alchemy

We all have the Divine Masculine and Feminine energies that live within our psyche, and carry a complex psychological and emotional makeup of past experiences that contribute to internal wellbeing.  During the session we observe both male and female energies and how they play a role in daily life.  In life when we have communion with the inner Masculine and Feminine they become wedded to bring a quality of devotion, beauty, and authenticity. Sessions ignite a new level of unconditional love, truth and understanding for the journey ahead. 

Evolutionary Energy Alignment

Evolutionary Energy Alignment is a revolutionary healing technique that helps to identify and re-shape any aspect of your life that needs enhancing. It is a fast and effective technique that produces instantaneous change at a cellular level. This results in deep changes; physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. By tuning into the current story with understanding historical beliefs are released and transformed,  Sessions bring balance and harmony to one's life on a deeper level within the body and mind. When we change our energy - we change our life.

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Monthly Group Sessions 

 Join us each month on either Tuesday Evening or Thursday Mid-Day, for a One Hour dynamic energy activation. Each Group Session format is focused on a specific topic and customized to the participants needs.  Together we will ignite Soul Empowerment from the inside out while activating positive energies that empower the highest vibrational space of infinite potential.  

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As I reflect upon the past two years of Energy Sessions with Sollena, I realize the inner strength it has given me. It has been the greatest gift I have given myself. Every day I live my life on a deeper and more meaningful level than I did before.”

~ Mary, Massachusetts

My world used to be very narrow, but with Sollena's help my world expanded in ways I never dreamed possible. She opened my eyes, and helped me to change my way of being. Her tools and techniques have been a godsend in those times l needed a quick pick me up.

~ Joann, Pennsylvania

Wow! I had a session with Sollena that expanded my life so much! I feel so much lighter and have peace in my heart.

- Violeta Netherlands