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What can I expect from receiving a session?

Evolutionary Energy Healing© is a dynamic powerful modality that allows you to change your energy and change your life. Sessions ignite a meditative process that connect you to the light of peace, love, and healing from the Source of OMNI PRESENCE. Using this concept, you are aligned to receive the highest level of clarity, wisdom, and love allowing energies to shift deeply on a cellular level. EEH is a powerful way to address all areas of life and expand your spiritual connection.

Benefits You May Experience

  • Reducing stress
  • Increasing vital energy
  • Heightens intuition
  • Restoring and maintaining proper energy flows throughout the body
  • Detoxifying emotionally, physically and mentally.
  • Anti-inflammatory effects on the body and joints 
  • Stimulates circulation -Bodywork
  • Strengthens the immune system  
  • Balances energy flows
  • Improvements in depression and fatigue
  • Improvements in headaches and migraines 
  • Pain relief 
  • Improvements in concentration and clarity

Interested in Working with Me?

Please email me, text or phone me with questions.

Not Sure Where to Begin?

Sign up for the FREE DISCOVERY SESSION and together we will find out what's session right for you.  

Healing Appointments and Groups 

  • I don't have an online booking system as of right now.
  • 48 hour cancelation notice is required for all scheduled sessions.
  • Payment: Prepayment is required. 

Ready to Sign Up for a Group or Private Session?

  • For private sessions please go to the offering page and register there.
  • There is a Contact Form for you to register for the session you choose. 
  • Please fill in the entire contact form.
  • There is a PayPal button on the contact form for payment.
  • On the Offering Page there is a drop down menu for you to select what session you wish to receive.  Please put it in an email what session you request and the length of the session requested.
  •  I will contact you after you sign up and pay to set up an appointment, ASAP.
Group sessions info and payments are located on the Group Session page.

Phone: 413-281-0612

Email: [email protected]


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Ignite Your Light

Within life's adventure comes an opportunity to heal, transform, and renew your spirit. The vision for your life fired by your spirit waits to come alive."  - Sollena

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