Over Come 

Love Blocks

 Release Regret

& Resentment

Evolve Your Life


Awaken to the Power Within

The primary intention with each group session is to activate a higher, clearer level of energy that's centering and empowering. Energy Activations manifest a powerful new space of clarity and strength while releasing what no longer serves you. The synergy of the combined energy of the participants work in such a way that Group Energy Activations raise the energy for everyone exponentially,

During our time together I tap into the collective energy of the participants, locate  energetic blocks, and release them. Avtivating a new level of physical vitality and life force energy gives the necessary support for the body to heal.

Group Energy Activations are held monthly over a video platform called. GLIP. You will have the security of knowing that all is confidential and safe. Always!

I look forward to meeting you there in the space where all is possible.  


Connecting to a Higher Consciousness 

Energy Activations Empower You to Step into Your Brilliance

The Opening Ceremony

Sollena will begin with a crystal bowl meditation and brief group clearing, and quickly check in to make sure everyone is ready to begin. Being divinely guided, Sollena tunes into group consciousness and knows what is the highest priority for the group. 

Energy Activations are powerful one-hour sessions that focus on deeply repairing, clearing, and evolving the energetic system. The intent of each activation is to create divine communion and open the keys to balance the inner masculine and feminine energies, while clearing what no longer serves You. 

How Does it Work From a Distance?

I have extensive training and experience and easily able to tune into anyone's energy field and consciousness no mater where they reside on the planet. This is done only with complete permission from you. During the Energy Activation I discover how each person's overall energy is flowing within heart, mind, body and soul. Tuning into the "whole energy field" of the group gives me access to an energetic map which discloses what's needed to make a shift.  Next I tap into the collective group consciousness and release any energy blocks, cords, and biofield misalignments, and bring all participants energy to the highest level of healing that's possible. Each Group session aligns you to what's possible in the moment and ignites the highest blueprint of potential.

The group synergy works in such a way that each Energy Activation raises the vibration of the entire group exponentially. Many people report experiencing greater love within, more peaceful moments, and a rise in physical vitality. 

Benefits You May Experience

  • Conscious reclaiming the of the divine masculine and feminine
  • Connects You to the highest divine presence
  • Activates intuitive knowing
  • Evolving and strengthening the Living Energy System
  • Greater levels of vitality, aliveness, and well-being
  • Clearer thinking
  • Increases of creativity and heightens Intuition
  • Clears subconscious limiting beliefs
  • Activates the Highest Blueprint of Potential

During Our Time Together

  • Some of the time phone lines might be muted.
  • There will be a brief welcome and overview of the monthly topic and what to expect.
  • There could be brief moments of silence when clearing each participant at the deepest level.
  • At the close of each session there will be feedback and a review about what was released.
  • The call will end with a beautiful affirmation and sound healing crystal bowl clearing. 

Sign Up Early since spots are limited to 20 Registered Participants

Deep transformation and internal shifting may continue over the next 2-3 days. Each person is unique and so is their experience. Please take some time after the session to rest and reboot. If you have any questions please text or email me. Private sessions are available on a first come basis. 

Monthly Group Topics Vary

May's Topic - Open to Receive Love - Alignment of the Divine Feminine

June's Topic - Empower Your Life - Alignment of the Divine Masculine

  • Pre-Registration and payment is required. 
  • Once Registered - there are no refunds. 
  • Sessions are NOT usually recorded

See You There!


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Healing Your Heart  & Embodying the Divine Feminine  Essence

What if You Could

Release old fears, anger, and resentment?

Heal your heart & trust love again ?

Find forgiveness within to receive more of you?

Each Group session aligns you to what's possible in the moment and ignites the highest blueprint of potential.


Emergence Group Times

Thursdays - Noon Time



Tuesdays - Evenings  


Will Resume in September 


                         Cost: $25                           


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After You Register for the Emergence Group Session

  • I will ask you to send me your intention the day of or before we begin our divine connection. 
  • You will receive a reminder email the day of the Group Session with call-in details. 
  • It is recommended you check in about 5 minutes early so that you can get settled and ready for the call. 
  • Please be well hydrated - deep energy work releases a lot of old energetic imprints. 
  • You might want to have a journal (but not necessary to take a few notes) as session are not usually recorded.  
  • Please choose a quiet, comfortable space where there are no interruptions and turn off all other electronics.


"Sollena takes you on a​n extraordinary journey of the heart — moving through the layers of time, dimensions and realities to find the blockages that are limiting your life. She follows the energetic pathways within the body and etheric fields with her keen intuitive vision, clarity and compassion — retrieving and clearing lost and buried pieces of the puzzle that are uniquely you. In the 3 months I have worked with Sollena, I feel I have shed 100 pounds of emotional weight from old thoughts and beliefs that were restricting my choices. I feel lighter and happier and find myself in more allowance and celebration of my life. Sollena’s seamless integration of her vast knowledge and her brilliant insight and lightning speed make for vibrant, life-changing sessions. I highly recommend her!”

  BJM, Feng Shui Practitioner, Home Healer, Prescott, AZ