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“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” - Rumi

I go before you and prepare a sacred space where you rest and receive healing. You are cradled in the pure light of spirit, and I invite you to let go and be.  I hold the space of love with pure intention that you receive the highest and best that is possible for your life. 

Each Session is an invitation that involves the process of Soul Empowerment from the inside out and is a catalyst for deep healing and transformation. During the session we focus on clearing and aligning the energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies to ignite the highest light of healing potential.  

Evolutionary Energy Healing empowers You to connect to a life force of flowing potential that supports a higher state of consciousness, clarity, and wisdom.

Sessions are customized using ancient and modern techniques that provide energy system alignment and self-awareness.

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Awaken to the Power Within

Evolutionary Energy Alignment sessions are an extraordinary opportunity to unplug from your life and reconnect to the inner self. Sessions  powerfully transform relationships, ignite good health, increase prosperity and activate intuitive answers from spirit. 

Each session begins with a brief harmonic sound healing and clearing which allows you to let go and receive all the love that is there. 

Sessions are customized to address what you would like to transform. Whether you are focusing on healing a relationship, investigating past life connections, mending a broken heart, or transforming family difficulties, these sessions will give you answers that are awaiting within you. 

Book a 75 - minute session and receive a personal message from spirit that will guide you on your next step. Sessions are a powerful opportunity to change your life and create a new space of being.

Sessions are received in-person or remotely.

60 MIN $100

75 MIN  $115


Activation of the Inner Masculine and Feminine

Divine Alchemy sessions will give you the gift of self-discovery and reveal a new path of unlimiting healing potential within the divine unity of the Inner Male and Female connection.

Together we will move through the layers of time and space with guided imagery to connect to the inner dance of the Inner Male and the Inner Female dynamics. 

Once cleared and aligned to a higher light, the two Archetypes will spark a new level of connection, unconditional love, and unity that open up a whole new level of healing alignment. 

Divine Alchemy sessions will give you the gift of reclaiming yourself and activate unlimiting healing potential from the divine breath of life.  

Sessions are done in person or remotely. 

75 MIN $115

90 MIN $130


Communion of Body and Soul

Create a whole new level of aliveness and vitality with Stillness Touch Bodywork.  This energy shifting session allows you to reshape your body, your history, and yourself; by releasing stress and relaxing the nervous system, while deeply clearing  and connecting to the Breath of Love.

Light touch Cranial Sacral Energy Sessions allow the body's wisdom and intelligence to guide and heal.  During a session we enter into a quiet meditative stillness and allow the unfolding to create the alignment.

 Various tools from ancient and modern times are used to help you shift to a higher level of healing and peace. 

This session will leave you with greater insight and a new heartfelt sense of self. 

60 MIN $100

75 MIN  $115



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I have experienced Sollena's work over the past 7 years. She has a great range of knowledge, skills, and experience. Her considerate psychic gifts are impeccably held. She is a heart-centered highly compassionate and generous healer. These qualities made me feel safe in her hands.

-Jim, New Mexico​

My world used to be very narrow, but with Sollena’s help my world expanded in ways I never dreamed possible. She opened my eyes, and helped me to change my way of being. Her tools and techniques have been a godsend in those times l needed a quick pick me up.

~ Joann, Pennsylvania

"Working with Sollena has a been an incredibly liberating experience. I am a teacher and healer and have done my fair share of healing modalities, not to mention talk therapy for years. I have been blown away by the undercurrents and webs that have presented themselves from behind the scenes in my life and the effect that they have had in my everyday doings.

Often times, no matter how many mantras we say, how much therapy, and other healing modalities that we do, we come into our world with issues that are generational, that we carry in our bodies lineage. Perhaps ways of thinking that is from our parents to, contracts that we have had with other people during other times and places.

Sollena helps one navigate the landscape of cleaning up the ‘mess’ of history that no longer serves us. In her kind, caring, nurturing, and intuitive way, she gets to the point, the source and can help one navigate transitions, issues in a specific relationship, or anything that you are curious about.

I feel blessed to have Sollena work with me in my life. She has allowed my light to shine brighter than I thought possible.

-Monica Celli-Anasazi


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The statements on this website and the sessions offered are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure disease, but to offer insight, stress reduction, and release tension.  The information on this website is not a substitute for competent medical care by your physician or other healthcare professionals. Always check with healthcare provider with any concerns.