Re​claim the Light

January 12, 2021

The darkness gathers itself so persistently over the months heading toward Winter we have time to go within and gather the fruits of our harvest. The Winter season can be a joyous time of giving and a celebration for our journey while we reflect and  reclaim the light during the upcoming  Winter Solstice. ​ 

The beautiful but uncompromising darkness beckons us to find our own inner light, calls us to go within, and even though we have done this journey many times  over we realize our light is still ablaze so brightly.

A  discovered time for renewal on the sacred altar of spirit during each winter seems to be deeper and more reflective than earlier in the year.  It's a time for  sharing  the communal heart flame  with others through story. song, laughter and the love.  Winter is a deep time of reflection and a welcoming of the light for the new journey ahead. 

Come join us each month for our Women's Circle so we can gather together and create a circle of love, unity, and peace. 

I invite you to join our Women's Circle called, WINGS - Women Inspired to Nurture and Grow in Spirit.

 Lets create a community for all women to share the communal flame around the fire of our hearts with story. song, laughter and love.  

May the holiday season brightly bring you to embrace your own space of radiant beauty.


Happy New Year!

Welcome Love, light, and Joy, Sollena